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Azulis Capital supports high-potential SMEs providing equity funding to accelerate dimension change and facilitate transition by committing to environmental and social responsibility.

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First release (april 2019)

Autonomie et dépendance : quelles solutions ?

Adopter une approche humaine de la dépendance

À l’automne 2019, la ministre des Solidarités et de la Santé Agnès Buzyn doit présenter sur la base de la grande concertation nationale lancée l’année dernière un...
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Destia, destiné à l’autonomie

Spécialisé dans les services à la personne et le maintien à domicile des publics fragiles, Destia connaît une croissance à deux chiffres depuis sa création en 2015. Avec 70...
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BIONATIS, specialist in organic bread, merged with NOVEPAN, which allowed the two founders to enter the capital and join the management committee. The NOVEPAN group, constituted in 2017 through the merger of GRAIN D’OR GEL and LUBRANO, is specialized in the manufacture of premium quality...
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The MMV IV Fund has sold its stake in the LV Overseas Group as part of a capital reorganization with a private equity fund that will support management through a new growth phase. Founded in 1932, the group is a key international freight forwarder, focusing mainly on sea shipping in the French...
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MMF V took an equity stake in Ital Passion’s capital, alongside Roberto Mengozzi, its founder / manager and Akea Capital, in March 2019. Founded in 2002 in Monaco by Roberto Mengozzi, Ital Passion is a specialist in the import and distribution of Italian grocery products in France. The group...
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focuses on french middle market companies with growth potential

We offer buyout or expansion capital schemes to middle market companies with an enterprise value of €20 million to €120 million, with a priority on companies worth €30-€80 million, that are:
- independent, and most often family-owned companies
- managed by dynamic entrepreneurs
- usually with a leading position in their market segment
- with a proactive business plan, and a hub potential around which to structure other businesses
- willing to engage in measures to promote CSR.

  • We support the management team over a period of four to seven years. Our ambition is to significantly increase the value of the company by improving both its financial and non-financial performance.
  • We ensure that management maintains its managerial autonomy and benefits from profit-sharing incentives. We encourage the development of staff profit-sharing in the company.
  • We provide tailor-made solutions to enhance the company’s development capacity.
  • We place high value on management becoming shareholders in the company.


supporting entrepreneurial projects with our sector know-how and experience

Health & Human Services

Industry & Business Services

Food & Beverage

Retail & B2B distribution

A dedicated two-member team of professionals studies each deal opportunity using a double-sided approach combining a sector-based assessment with an in-depth financial review.

We invest as lead or co-lead investor in:

  • leveraged buy-out transactions
  • growth financing
  • capital replacement with leverage (owner buy-out) or not