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About Azulis Capital and its website ("the site")

Azulis Capital, and the members of its team, declare that the use of the information or the elements contained in this site is not always suitable everywhere and for everyone, and that the investments or the services to refer to this site are not not available in all jurisdictions. The information published on this site does not in any way constitute an offer to buy or sell or a recommendation to buy or sell an investment or placement of any kind and in any jurisdiction whatsoever.

The value of shares and their dividends may fall as well as rise and the amount of money originally invested may not be recovered.

This is why we draw your attention to the fact that past performance cannot prejudge future performance and that you are invited to seek any personalized advice before carrying out any transaction.

Disclaimer of warranty

Azulis Capital makes every effort to ensure the reliability, accessibility, integrity and timeliness of the information, but we cannot provide any guarantee in this regard. Azulis Capital, and the members of its team, decline all responsibility for errors or omissions noted on the site as well as for losses, of any nature whatsoever, related to the use of this site.

Any opinion or information expressed in this site reflects the opinion of Azulis Capital on the date of publication and is subject to change without notice.

On the other hand, it is not guaranteed that the Azulis Capital site, its content or the servers that allow it to operate are protected from all viruses or other harmful elements (malicious codes, programs, macro-instructions, destructive or dishonest).

Although Azulis Capital does its best to ensure that the programs downloadable from its site are free of viruses, it cannot guarantee their complete harmlessness.

Azulis Capital declines all responsibility for any loss or damage caused by the software and the corresponding codes, in particular by viruses and worms.

The Azulis Capital site may contain links to other websites or their content, sources or third parties of which Azulis Capital is neither a sponsor, nor an associate, nor a publisher.

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Limitation of Liability

Neither Azulis Capital, nor any of its employees, can accept responsibility for loss or damage suffered of any kind whatsoever, which would be the result of opinions, advice or information published on the site, explicitly or implied.

Azulis Capital, nor any of its employees, can also not be held responsible for any indemnification or compensation whatsoever, due to the use or inability to use the Azulis Capital site or its content.

Non-exclusivity policy

Azulis Capital applies a non-exclusivity policy which means that Azulis Capital may invest in competing activities or support competing offers in the same sector of activity. Azulis Capital always ensures that information disclosed to it in confidence remains secret.

Links between Azulis Capital and the companies mentioned

Azulis Capital or its employees may, from time to time, hold positions for the purchase or sale of securities mentioned on the site. They may also provide services to companies mentioned on the site or be or have been, administrators or have other links with these companies.

Electronic communication

Azulis Capital draws your attention to the fact that any communication transmitted through this site remains in the public domain and not in the private domain.

No member of Azulis Capital shall be held liable for any data transmission errors whatsoever, such as loss, damage to data or modification of any kind whatsoever, including (but not limited to to a direct or indirect deterioration resulting from the use of the services provided on this site).

Protection of personal data

Azulis Capital undertakes to apply a policy in full compliance with the provisions on personal data as well as with the international laws and regulations in force on data protection.

Any personal data communicated will be treated with complete impartiality and legality, in particular with regard to their communication to third parties, their use, their sharing, their security and confidentiality, their accuracy and their retention.

Azulis Capital does not collect any personal information relating to people who connect to its site without their prior consent.

Azulis Capital informs people who wish to provide it with personal information that they have the right to access, withdraw and modify personal data concerning them.

Local legal regulations

The laws or regulations of the country from which you are accessing this site may restrict the distribution of the information contained on the site. In countries where there are such restrictions, this information must not be distributed or used by any legal or natural person who would then be required to inform themselves and comply with these restrictions.

Prevention and management of conflicts of interest

The prevention and management of conflicts of interest at Azulis Capital are part of the general principles laid down by Directive 2004/39/EC on Markets in Financial Instruments (MIF) transposed into French law in Article L .533-10 of the COMOFI and articles 313-18 to 313-22 of the RGAMF.

As such, there is at Azulis Capital:

- a conflict of interest management policy;

- appropriate procedures to detect situations of conflict of interest and to deal with any situations of potential or proven conflict,

- a register of situations of conflicts of interest encountered;

Preventive measures have been put in place. They concern, among other things:

- employee ethics

- the protection of confidential information, privileged information and professional secrecy,

- transactions carried out by employees for their own account,

- benefits and gifts received by employees from customers or suppliers,

- the use of IT means of communication by employees.

- the regular review of all the activities carried out in order to detect situations that are likely to produce conflicts of interest.

Finally, in the event that Azulis Capital finds that the measures deployed are insufficient to guarantee, with reasonable certainty, that the risk of harming the interests of clients cannot be avoided, the company will inform the clients concerned in writing of the nature of the conflict or the source so that they can make an informed decision.

Any additional information on this policy for the prevention and resolution of conflicts of interest can be obtained by clients by sending a request to Azulis Capital.

Processing of customer complaints

In accordance with articles of the RGAMF 318-10 and 318-10-1, the company has implemented a procedure summarized below:

A) Procedures for referral to the management company

The complaint can be addressed in writing to the company or verbally, by telephone or during an appointment, to any collaborator of Azulis Capital.

B) Person in charge of handling complaints: Mr. Donatien Noyelle.

Email address: donatien.noyelle@azuliscapital.fr

C) Time limits for processing complaints, provided for in the procedure

Azulis Capital undertakes to process any complaint addressed to it within a maximum period of two months between the date of receipt of the complaint and the date of sending the response to the client, except in the event of duly justified special circumstances. .

D) AMF Mediator

Azulis Capital does not itself have an internal mediation service, given its size. However, the AMF mediator can be contacted to settle a dispute amicably in order to avoid legal proceedings.

This mediator can be contacted by post: Ms. Marielle Cohen-Branche, Mediator of the AMF, Autorité des marchés financiers - 17 place de la Bourse, 75082 Paris Cedex02

It is also possible to complete the online mediation request form via the AMF website.

The AMF Mediation Charter is available on the website: www.amffrance.org space "Mediator".

Marketing of the Funds

Azulis Capital exclusively manages french Professional Private Equity Investment Funds (FPCI governed by Articles L.214-159 et seq. of the French Monetary and Financial Code).

It currently manages three FPCIs called Middle Market Fund IV (MMF IV), Middle Market Fund V (MMF V) and Middle Market Fund 6 (MMF6).

In accordance with article 421-31-1 of the RGAMF and AMF instruction DOC-2014-03, none of these three Funds is currently open for sale.

Copyright ("Copyright")

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