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Sponsorship actions

Since 2007, Azulis Capital has supported Adie (a French association promoting business initiatives by individuals), by awarding each year’s to the winning candidates in a dedicated business competition, CréAdie—Elan d’Idées, with a prize. Adie is a charity that supports persons excluded from the labour market and the traditional banking system with the help of micro-credit financing. It supports its candidates upstream and downstream of their micro-business launch, contributing to their sustainability.

Founded in 1989 by Maria Nowak, Adie, by pioneering micro-credit in France and Europe, has awarded more than 148,000 micro-credits to date, and contributed to the creation of more than 107,000 enterprises. Remarkably, those funded by Adie have a two-year survival rate of 70% and 84% insertion rate (after two years). Adie has been chaired by French parliamentarian and businesswoman, Catherine Barbaroux, since 2011.

The CréAdie–Elan d’Idées competition is designed to highlight success stories among those founding their businesses with Adie’s support. A jury of entrepreneurs, representatives of Adie and Azulis Capital, singled out seven prize winners with the best projects on March 26, 2015, from a short-list of 40 contestants in France and its Territories.

- Grand Prix CréAdie - Elan d’Idées: Gaye Cissé for founding a climate-control business in Seine Saint Denis

- Prize for Economic Development: Matthieu Pot for launching support services for agricultural production in the Sarthe.

- Prize for Sustainable Development: Hassani Soulaimana, for creating a firm harvesting and distilling flowers and plants extracts to produce essential oils and organic cosmetics, in the French overseas territory of Mayotte.

- Prize for Human Development: Anita Bedue, the founder of a cleaning service in Toulon.

- Coup de Cœur: Oumou Doumbia, for creating in Seine et Marne a firm that imports and markets shea butter (a vegetable butter) and vegetable oils from a producers’ cooperative in Mali.

- Coup de cœur: Guillaume Thomas, for launching a renovation service based on recycled tools in Meurthe et Moselle.

- Coup de cœur and Grand Prix designated by Social Networks: Laurent Delahaye, for founding a business that shines shoes in the classic style, in Strasbourg

 The public was invited — as in previous years — to vote for the winner of the Social Networks Prize. Some 5,700 took part!



Azulis Capital, sponsoring contemporary art

Azulis Capital continues support for contemporary artists. With the help of the Paris based  gallery, l’Art en Direct (, Azulis Capital has selected the artist Michelle Auboiron, with whom it has entered into a partnership to raise the visibility of her artistic creation.

Accordingly, a new exhibition follows that dedicated to Pressionism, namely Graffiti on canvas, illustrated by works from the private collection of Alain-Dominique Galizzia, collector, art expert and consultant, working for the wider recognition of the Art of Graffiti.

 Michelle Auboiron’s latest work will be on show at Azulis Capital’s premises until mid-April 2016. The exhibition has twin goals: firstly, to bring the artist’s universe into contact with the Team and the companies in partnership with Azulis Capital, and secondly, to foster contemporary creativity.

 About Michelle Auboiron:

Michelle Auboiron graduated from the School of Applied Arts / the Pichard Workshop, as a graduate of the Boulle School of Interior Design. In the 1980s, Michelle made the hyper-realistic sculpture, Georges et Catherine, for the Pompidou Centre in Paris, painted storyboards, everyday objects and portraits, and interpreted the daily,  Liberation’s front page for some 50 days in a row, or playfully hijacked objects like this Henry II cupboard transformed into a New York skyscraper. In 1988 she decided to work outside, and started touring around Paris, driving an advertising van that served as a painter’s easel, measuring 4m x 3m, to iconic landmarks such as the Grand Palais where FIAC, the International Contemporary Art Fair, is held. Michelle Auboiron’s aim was to directly validate the urban landscape and architecture with a spontaneous work of art, which she forced herself to paint within a single day. The artist travelled the world to construct her canvases, like an architect: New York for its height, Paris, for its Opera, or La Defense for its financial towers, the city’s bridges, and those of New York and San Francisco, old motels out West, Colorado, the Paris-Dakar motorcycle rally, the desert in Morocco, Corsica and its trees, Havana, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Versailles today, Chicago soon ...

Michelle Auboiron takes risks, paints in the discomfort outside, amid the noise, the crowds, traffic, a heat wave, and has always finished her work in a single day!