Responsible investor


For the Azulis Capital team, "good governance" of companies is fundamental in supporting growth and ensuring the success of affiliated businesses and the funds it manages.

Governance is intended to define, with clarity and transparency, the operating rules, decision-making processes, values, principles of good conduct and respect for all stakeholders, whether internal or external.

When quality and rigour are applied in its practice, governance is a credibility factor and performance enhancer.

Azulis Capital grounds its economic actions on ESG values, ESG commitment and willingness to implement an ESG approach in its in-house operations and in monitoring its investments in the funds it manages. The Team provides support for management when deploying projects in line with CSR principles within their companies.

In addition to its Corporate Charter and Byelaws, Azulis Capital is a signatory to the:

  • AFIC Capital Investors Charter
  • PRI with the UNPRI

Azulis Capital is an independent fund management and consultancy company, regulated by the French market authority, the AMF.
It is a member of AFIC (French association of investors for growth) and EVCA (European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association).

Corporate governance is provided by a Board of Directors chaired by Pierre Jourdain working with a number of supervisory structures:

The Supervisory Board

of Azulis Capital is comprised of members recognised for their experience and skill in industry or finance.
It is chaired by Gilles Auffret, former member of the Executive Committee of Solvay.

MMF III, MMF IV and MMF V Investor Committees

comprising members representing the major investors of each Middle Market Fund.
Both are chaired by Jean-Philippe Burcklen, Head of Lower Mid-Market,
Deputy Director at the European Investment Fund (EIF).

Executive Committee

Comprising seven of the partners on the Azulis Capital Team.

Advisory Committee

Consisting mainly of businessmen, and chaired by Vincent Mercier, former Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants.

Internal Control and Compliance

is performed by the firm, 2AM.


PWC, Auditors for MMF funds
Edouard Leduc – Azulis Capital.
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"Responsible investor"